TRW BRAKE-DISCS RACING [MSW285RAC] ティーアールダブル-ディスクローター




Multistrada S Pikes Peak 1200 [A3] 13-14 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada S Pikes Peak 1200 [A2] 11-12 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada S GT 1200 [A3] 13-14 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada S 1200 [A3] 13- 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada Enduro 1200 16- 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada 1200 Touring Sport [A3] 13-14 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada 1200 Touring Sport [A2] 10-12 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada 1200 S Sport [A3] 13-14 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada 1200 S Sport [A2] 10-12 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada 1200 [A3] 13- 【使用箇所】フロント
Multistrada 1200 [A2] 10-12 【使用箇所】フロント
Monster Evo 1100 [M5] 11- 【使用箇所】フロント
Monster 796 [M5] 10-14 【使用箇所】フロント
Monster 1100 [M5] 10- 【使用箇所】フロント
Monster 1100 [M5] 09-10 【使用箇所】フロント
Diavel 1200 [G1] 11- 【使用箇所】フロント

TRW Lucas Racing Brake Discs
Type Approved

TRW/Lucas *RACING* brake disc for the front,type approved
Cool design,the finest of high-tech,with type approval for Germany,and all this at a rock-bottom price. Following an exhaustive testing phase and successful use on racing bikes,TRW is launching this new brake disc on the market.

You can see straight away that this brake disc is a real head-turner. But it’s not only about elegant design;this disc also delivers rock-solid performance. Its base material is a high-strength steel alloy (35 HRC). Hardened,then also thermally post-treated,this steel alloy is pretty much the ultimate in terms of strength. Even after extreme temperature stress of up to approx. 700 degrees,the brake disc stays cool and keeps its shape. Undamaged,the disc can still be used afterwards. These are the properties that make this disc so highly-prized,especially amongst the racing fraternity.
The unusual contour is produced by cutting with high-powered lasers. The special shape ensures that the brake pads are continuously roughened,but without exhibiting significantly increased wear.
The contour also allows an even increase and decrease in temperature,which in turn ensures that the pressure point is stable and makes even the most daring of braking manoeuvres relatively calculable
These brake discs can be used with sintered metal,carbon or organic brake pads. They are extremely wear-resistant despite the excellent braking performance they offer.
When changing the brake discs,be sure to change the pads as well (not included - order separately).
The brake discs are supplied individually;for double-disc systems,please order two.
Please read the enclosed safety instructions prior to installation.

TRW BRAKE-DISCS RACING [MSW285RAC] ティーアールダブル-ディスクローター

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TRW BRAKE-DISCS RACING [MSW285RAC] ティーアールダブル-ディスクローター

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TRW BRAKE-DISCS RACING [MSW285RAC] ティーアールダブル-ディスクローター

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TRW BRAKE-DISCS RACING [MSW285RAC] ティーアールダブル-ディスクローター