Spannfix Wire Tensioning Tool


The Spannfix Tensioning Tool is to be used in conjunction with the Spannfix Tensioners.

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Spannfix Wire Tensioning Tool is a handheld metal tool designed for use with Spannfix Wire Tensioners. These tools are high quality and easy to use and the slot is a perfect fit with the tensioner.

Using a tool to tighten your tensioners allows you to get a much stronger tension in your wire and a secure grip too.

Spannfix Wire Tensioning Tools are the inexpensive option to assist with wire straining and tensioning around your vineyard.

How to use the Spannfix Tensioning Tool:

Firstly, you need to attach your Spannfix Wire Tensioner to the wire. After this, you can slot your tool around the tensioner and once you feel it is secure, begin turning.

Keep turning your tensioner with the tool ensuring the wire is wrapping around the tensioner. Once you have done this, stop turning once there is enough tension in your wire. Finally, make sure your tensioner is secure on the wire and remove the tool.

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