Prothec Expandable 2 Wire Tie | 8mm | 8 – 10 months life


Biodegradable ties. 350m reels. 8mm width.


Green 3 wire. 8-10 months life

Beige 2 wire 6-8 months life

White 3 wire 9 -10 months life

Brown 2 wire 18 -24 months life



Prothec Expandable 2-Wire Tie is a biodegradable and expandable twist tie for multipurpose use across your vineyard. We recommend these ties for pruning vines that are 3 years or younger without weight of fruit, this will assist with control whilst pruning. These bio ties are suitable to use for annual pruning of fragile plants and climbing plants such as tomatoes, currants, raspberries etc.

Prothec Expandable 2-Wire Tie has 2 thin wires coated in 8mm of biodegradable materials.  They’re durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions lasting 8 – 10 months before degrading. The expandable feature of the tie is vital for your vines in order to avoid girdling.

As part of our bio-sustainable solutions range, we would recommend this tie if you are aiming to use greener materials in your vineyard. There are a variety of different ties in the Prothec range. Whether it’s for 3-wire ties, stronger or maybe you want some with a longer lifespan. Check out the range to find the one perfect for you!

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Weight .083 kg