Prothec Bio 3-Wire Tie | 8mm | 9-10 months life


Biodegradable Wire Tie. 350m reel | 8mm Width


Green 3 wire. 8-10 months life

Beige 2 wire 6-8 months life

White 3 wire 9 -10 months life

Brown 2 wire 18 -24 months life



Prothec Bio 3-Wire Tie is a biodegradable and expandable twist tie for multipurpose use across your vineyard. This tie is hardy enough to secure foliage and vines.

This tie is durable and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Prothec Bio 3-Wire Tie is what it says on the tin and has got 3 thin wires coated in 8mm of biodegradable materials. The tie lasts 9 – 10 months before degrading.

As part of our bio-sustainable solutions range, we would recommend this tie if you are aiming to use greener materials in your vineyard.

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Weight 0.83 kg

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