Metal Stake Clips (Stabfix)

  • Vineyard IND Cane Clips Stabfix s
  • Vineyard Cane Clips Metal Stabfix 1s


Galvanised clip to hold bamboo, metal or fibreglass stakes to wire. Can be used with most gauges of wire. Will not slip on wire.

Stabfix No. 0 Length 105mm (For stakes 06-20mm)
Stabfix No. 1 Length 140mm (For stakes 20-30mm)

Sold in multiples of 500

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Stabfix No.3 (40-50 mm), Stabfix No. 2 ( 30-40 mm), Stabfix No. 1 (20-30mm), Stabfix No. 0 (0.6 – 20mm)

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