Metal Stake Clips (Stabfix) x 500


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Metal Stake Clips (Stabfix) are for use to secure the stake/cane to the wire quickly and easily. Firstly, this simple design allows the stake or cane to sit nicely in the centre whilst the wire wraps around the two ends. Your stakes and canes will remain securely in place along the wire, as a result.

Metal Stake Clips (Stabfix) is a galvanised clip, therefore it could be used to hold bamboo, metal or fibreglass stakes to wire. In addition, stabfix can be used with most gauges of wire and will not slip.

This particular clip is available in two sizes:

Stabfix No. 0 Length: 105mm. For use with stakes 06-20mm.
Stabfix No. 1 Length: 140mm. For use with stakes 20-30mm.

Stabfix 0 VE  is a variation to this clip and with it’s unique loop at the end, it can hung on the wire.

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Stabfix No. 0 (0.6 – 20mm), Stabfix No. 1 (20-30mm), Stabfix No. 2 ( 30-40 mm), Stabfix No.3 (40-50 mm)