Ligapal Tying Tool- Green (right handed)


Easy to use, hard-wearing and time-saving, the Prothec plier ties and cuts simultaneously. The tie can be loose or tight, long or short, you choose.
These tools are designed for a long service life. All wearing parts can be repaired using components grouped into off-the–shelf repair kits.

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Ligapal Tying Tool is a tool which is designed and manufactured in France. As well as it’s long life expectancy and it’s ergonomics, the latest model incorporates a hardened steel wire cutter and a rubber cushion on the trigger.

It is best used to tie vines, flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, raspberries, blackberries, usually for annual pruning.
The Ligapal Tying Tool is a highly cost effective option whilst maintaining reliability and efficiency. Any diameter of vine shoot can be tied using the tool and it is robust and easy to maintain.

In addition to the tool, we stock the Ligapal ties which are compatible with the Ligapal Tying Tool and cutter.

Instructions for use:

Firstly, circle the vine shoot and the support wire with the twine/tie.
Secondly, hold the twine/tie with the free hand, put the hook at the top of the loop, pull and the knot is done. A spring inside the tool automatically brings the hook back into place.
Finally, cut the twine with the wire cutter of the binder.

Tool Maintenance:

  • Ensure you oil the hinge of the wire cutter regularly (Do not use grease).
  • Always clean the binder after each use. To do this, remove the wood particles from the mechanism.
  • If necessary replace the springs of the twine binder.

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