Gripple Wire Tensioner – Medium – Single


A range of Wire Joiners & Tensioners for all types and sizes of wire (mild or high tensile steel, and polymer wire too).

Wire ends are passed through the Gripple in opposite directions and the internal ceramic mechanism holds them firmly together. The joined wire can be tensioned using the Gripple Tensioner Tool.

Can also be used at end posts by passing wire end through the Gripple, round the end post and back through the Gripple.

Can be re-tensioned year-after-year

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Medium Gripple Wire Tensioner come induvidually and they are best used for vineyard wire trellising systems.

There are different sizes available to suit your needs. In particular, the medium Gripple Wire Tensioner are suited for the wire range of 2.00mm – 3.25mm. The tensioner takes a maximum working load of 400kg. It is also important to note that this size of gripple wire tensioner is for use if your wire gauge is between 14 swg to 10 swg.

Gripple designed their tensioners with a high grade ceramic roller which gives it anti-corrosion technology. As a result, you can ensure your trellising system stays stronger for longer. This means you don’t have worry about to paying for costly repairs or replacements. In addition to this, you can also re-tension them year after year without having to replace them!

Other sizes are available, take a look at the large and small gripple tensioners and determine which size is best for you!

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