1045 Double Wire Clips – Bag of 1000


These Vineyard Double Wire Clips are hardy plastic clips that can be used for canopy control and will bring your two foliage wires closer together.



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Double Wire Clips are small purple clips, manufactured in Germany and are most commonly known as Drahthaken. Their unique and modern design gives ease to the user during application.

Double Wire Clips are durable clips that are made of a heavy duty plastic designed to be weather-proof and resilient. These clips can be used for all types of wire and are the alternative to steel wire hooks. The purpose of a double wire clip is to control the canopy and therefore need a sturdy clip to bring the foliage together.

These clips provide a wire separation of 21mm, these can also be used as netting clips and foliage clips.

These clips are sold in bags of 1000.

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