BlocCade™ Pruning Treatment


BlocCade™ Usage:

• Treat wounds shortly after pruning, cover wound well

• Apply during drying and frost-free weather conditions

• Dosage: One part BlocCade™ to max 9 parts water

• Mix BlocCade™ with lukewarm water and stir it

• Use the mixed material the same day

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BlocCade™ Vine Pruning Treatment:

Research has proven that wound protection is the most effective method against fighting deep-seated wood rot. Such as, dead-arm (Eutypa) or cancer (Botryosphaeria) in grapes, berries and all other fruit trees.

BlocCade™ Vine Pruning Treatment forms a sealed physical barrier over the wound helping to fight against infections caused by fungi, as well as, aiding in wound healing by creating a closed barrier over the cut area.

  • Is effective directly after pruning
  • A spray-able application that is less costly than labor intensive hand brushing method
  • Exempt from registration within the EU. (Decision 159 (BlocCade) date, October 9, 2014)
  • Is compatible with the Felco hand pruner-19 with spraying attachment, as well as, applications by knapsack sprayers or conventional orchard sprayers.
  • Contains no active ingredients

A multi-year study by the PPO BV in The Netherlands showed that spraying the pruning wound with a wound protecting agent reduces wound infections. In 60 to 70% of cases using chemical treatment, repeat applications seemed necessary shortly after the new pruning wounds are made. As a result, the spraying agent has proven to be effective in California against Eutypa and Botryosphaeria cancer in table and wine grapes.


  • Keep the mix agitated
  • Add surfactant
  • Apply with a brush, knapsack sprayer, the Felco-19 (with spray attachment) and/or a regular spraying machine
  • Always use a coarse droplet, preferably with Teejet-8005 nozzle or similar
  • Clean the devices properly after use

Coverage approx 12 litres (diluted) per hectare of vines when sprayed with hand-held garden sprayer.

As part of our bio-sustainable solutions range, you can find BlocCade and other eco-friendly products for your vineyard, right here.

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