Ground Anchors (Helical)

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Helical screw-in anchors are a quick, simple and reliable means of creating secure fixing points in the ground. Manufactured from galvanised or black painted steel, they consist of an anchor shaft with an angled disk at the lower end. Installation is either by hand or by powered augering but requires no large or expensive equipment.

As the anchors are screwed in they can, when not in use, be unscrewed and re-used at other locations.

With their ease of operation, helical anchors are ideal for confined spaces and avoid damage both to the soil structure or crops and to nearby structures and can be loaded to their full capacity immediately after installation.

Sizes available:

800 x 12 x140mm
830 x 12 x 100mm
1000 x 12 x 140mm
1200 x 12 x 180mm
1200 x 14 x 180mm

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Ground Anchors (Helical)

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Ground Anchor Sizes.

1000 x 12 x 140mm, 1200 x 12 x 180mm, 1200 x 14 x 180mm, 800 x 12 x 140mm, 830 x 12 x 100mm

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