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  • Ligapal Tying Tool- Green (right handed)

    Easy to use, hard-wearing and time-saving, the Prothec plier ties and cuts simultaneously. The tie can be loose or tight, long or short, you choose.
    These tools are designed for a long service life. All wearing parts can be repaired using components grouped into off-the–shelf repair kits.

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  • Mage Electric Tying Tool | LEA30s

    Up to 5 times faster than manual tying, the LEA30S is lightweight (650g) and ergonomic. This tool provides significant reductions in labour costs for tying-in..

    The range of MAGI’KLIP biodegradable and non-biodegradable paper and plastic links is specially designed to work with the tool.

    • 5 times faster than a manual tool
    • Ergonomic design, balanced in palm of your hand
    • Less strain on hands and arms (avoids tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome)
    • Can be used left or right-handed
    • Cycle time 0.566 seconds for 11 twist tie
    • 3 settings – 4, 7 or 11 twists
    • Auto-lock if jammed to allow safe clearance
    • Harness for battery & ties spool (with holster)
    Technical Specification
    Tying Tool Maximum loop diameter 30mm
    3-position twist selection 4, 7 or 11 twists
    Power cord Protected Teflon tube
    Weight 650g
    Backpack Battery and Voltage Nickel–metal hydride (NiMH), 18v, 3.2A
    Battery protection Automatic shutdown after 15mins without use
    Battery capacity 13,000 to 15,000 ties
    Charging time 4hrs rapid charge then top-up charging
    Tying material spool size 400m
    Number of ties per spool 2500
    Loaded weight 1.5kg
    Battery Charger Supply voltage 110/230v – 50/60Hz
    Charger Current 1A/hr
    Storage Case Stores all components: Tying tool with backpack, a spool of tying material, the battery and its charger, a pair of scissors and the ergonomic harness
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  • Staple & Tape Tool

    The duratool machine is used for attaching plants to stakes and wires. Much faster than using twist ties or loose pieces of tape.

    Uses photodegradable tape (See separate product)

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